The PEN-3S was present at the conference “Aging – Think the Future Today”

The PEN-3S project (Portuguese elderly nutritional status surveillance system) was presented in a communication, as part of the Longevity and Health session at the conference “Aging – Thinking the Future Today”.

The conference took place on June 23rd 2015 at the Regents of the University of Lisbon, promoted within the commemoration of the University of Lisbon integration in the European consortium EIT HEALTH.EIT HEALTH.

The event aimed to present projects already concluded or in course (with current results) or submitted and even thematic ideas to develop.

Among the projects referring to the health impacts of an aging population, Dr. Teresa Madeira, executive coordinator of PEN-3S, presented the project within the session under the theme “Longevity and Health”, chaired by Professor João Gorjão Clara, project main researcher.Envelhecimento

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