Have you ever heard about World Café?

Last November 19th the PEN-3S team hosted a World Café that aimed at developing a nutrition status surveillance system called SEVEN-I.

World Café is the designation of a process for leading collaborative dialogue and knowledge-sharing, particularly for larger groups. It focuses on a certain subject and is a resource of “shared knowledge” 1. The participants are seated around a table where they find questions that prop them into a conversation. The small groups move between tables and each table provides them with a fresh round of questions. Beyond the collaborative dialogue, World Café is a process for collaborative learning that ignites the discovery of shared lines of action.

The PEN 3S-hosted World Café was attended by several experts in fields such as family medicine, nutrition, geriatrics, health management and nursing homes management. This discussion tried to shed light on some of the challenges of developing an electronic nutrition status surveillance system for the elderly (SEVEN-I). This system is intended to alert general practitioners in case of malnutrition or malnutrition risk and expedite the referral process as well as the diagnosis and management of malnutrition in the elderly population. SEVEN-I is intended to be an easy-to-use system available at primary health care units as well as nursing homes.

The experts shared ideas regarding the major challenges facing the implementation of SEVEN-I and created synergies on the following subjects: “Clinical indicators for malnutrition”, “System access and safety criteria”, “Optimization of the alert and referral process for the malnourished elderly person or for the person at risk for malnutrition.”

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1 Tan S, Brown J. The World Cafe in Singapore: Creating a Learning Culture Through Dialogue. The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. 2005 Mar; 41(1): 83–90.