PEN-3S project at the Public Health Initiatives Programme – EEA Grants 2009-2014 | Sustainability and future Challenges Seminar



This seminar goals were to promote experiences exchange, discussion about public health, to establish new partnerships between portuguese and other beneficiary states institutions, to support projects’ results dissemination  and to contribute to strengthen bilateral relations between Portugal, donor states, project promotors and its partners, both from Portugal and other European Economic Area Financial Mechanism beneficiary states.


PEN-3S at the 19th APNEP Congress


PEN-3S project participated in a roundtable about malnutrition at the 19th Portuguese Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Annual Congress (APNEP) Congress on march 27th, where some of the first results were presented.  In this session other studies related to nutritional status of the portuguese population were presented and discussed.


National Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey final public presentations

The National Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey of the Portuguese general population had the final presentation session of its main results on March 16 (in Porto – at the Salão Nobre of the Rectorate University of Porto) and 17 (in Lisbon – Room 1 of the Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian).

This sessions aim to present the main results of the project and to discuss their relevance to the definition of public policies in Portugal and in Europe.

You can read some of the main results on the project website:



PEN-3S closing seminar took place on february 21st

The project closing seminar took place at Lisbon Faculty of Medicine. The entrance was free and it was opened to the public.

Some of the main results were presented on this event and there were also oral communications form national and international partners. 

PEN-3S and Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences representatives met with researchers from Newcastle University

The visit started with a seminar about PEN-3S project at the Human Nutrition Research Center (HNRC), followed by several meetings with researchers from Newcastle 85+ study, namely with Tom Kirkwood, project Principal Investigator and founder of the Institute for Ageing and Health, in Newcastle. This meeting contributed to strengh bilateral relations between Portugal and Norway, as well as to establish relationships with Newcastle 85+ researchers.



PEN-3S Project is now testing a nutritional status surveillance system

img_20161103_155111The elderly nutritional status surveillance system (Acronym, SEVEN-I) was developed by PEN-3S research team after conducting an extended literature review and learning about similar systems. Selected indicators to monitor and other topics related to the system implementation derived from a Delphi panel (consensus technique) with two rounds and composed by nutrition, general practice, geriatrics or health management experts. This surveillance system is now being implemented in primary healthcare institutions and nursing homes that accepted to collaborate with the project.

System indicators will be collected by test units’ nurses and, after that, one of the nutritionists that is working in PEN-3S project apply a nutritional status assessment tool that is considered gold standard. Our aim is to test and evaluate the surveillance system sensibility and specificity and to improve its final version.



PEN-3S presented two communications at the 12th Congress of the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS)

On october 6th, PEN-3S project presented an oral communication entitled “Exploring psychosocial factors associated with nutritional status among elderly living in nursing homes” as well as the poster “Data Model for the Portuguese National Study on the Nutritional Status Among Elderly Living in the Community and Nursing Homes (PEN-3S project): What Can Be Done With It?” at the 12th Congress of the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS).
eugms                                img_20161006_143758


The project received relevant inputs about these two communications at the scientific meeting that took place two days before the congress at the Institute of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Lisbon Faculty of Medicine. 

sessao-cientifica                                        sessao-cientifica_2


PEN-3S was at the European Sociological Association Mid-Term Conference of the Research Network on Sociology of Health & Illness (RN16)

European Sociological Association Mid-Term ConferenceOn May 20th Violeta Alarcão represented PEN-3S at the European Sociological Association Mid-Term Conference of the Research Network on Sociology of Health & Illness (RN16) where she presented an oral communication entitled “Portuguese elderly nutritional status surveillance system (PEN-3S): Creating a value-based health care delivery”.



PEN-3S was at the XV Food and Nutrition Congress (Porto)

XV Congresso de Nutrição e Alimentação

On May 19th and 20th the Portuguese Nutritionists Association’s XV Food and Nutrition Congress took place in Porto, Portugal. This year congress theme was “Choose to know”.

Catarina Peixoto represented PEN-3S project with a poster presentation entitled “Reaching consensus for an electronic nutritional risk surveillance system: the SEVEN-I”.


PEN-3S won best oral communication prize at the 3rd International Health Congress (IP Leiria)

On April 6th Nuno Santos was at the 3rd International Health Congress that took place in Leiria, Portugal where he presented the awarded oral communication “Prevalence of malnutrition among Portuguese elderly living in nursing homes: preliminary results of the PEN-3S”.

3º Congresso Internacional de Saúde do IP Leiria 3º Congresso Internacional de Saúde do IP Leiria2



PEN-3S project was presented at Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa/Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte (FMUL/CHLN) Geriatrics University Unit’s Clinical Session

We were invited by Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa/Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte (FMUL/CHLN) Geriatrics University Unit to present PEN-3S on april 28th. Thank you for the opportunity to propagate our project, share our experience and learn from experts’ opinions.


Unidade Universitária de Geriatria Unidade Universitária de Geriatria2 Unidade Universitária de Geriatria3


PEN-3S team meeting

On April 28th and 29th the PEN-3S research team got together for a meeting. After the end of data collection in nursing homes all over the country, the seven project’s interviewers came to Lisbon to share lots of fieldwork experiences.

Even before we know the final scientific results, this meeting allowed us to acknowledge the impact that this project already had in all who intervened.

We share here some of the reflections of our colleagues from the fieldwork team


“This study helped me to reflect about some topics of life, and to be more tolerant”


“Many people gave me advices”

“These people need attention, we feel that being with them is a positive thing”


“This experience was important for me to do a life balance”

“At a personal level I discovered competences that I thought I didn’t’ have, I’ve managed and controlled my emotions”


At the end of the day and using all the hands we managed to organize fieldwork equipment and documents (informed consents, for e.g.)
We’d like to thank our seven interviewers, the heroes of PEN-3S project!

20160429_105756 20160429_153246  20160429_153448



PEN-3S study concluded nursing homes resident’ interviews in which more than 70 institutions participated

At the end of April 2016 the seven interviewers from PEN-3S research team have concluded all structured interviews with participants aged 65 years old and over living in Portuguese nursing homes. Data collection took place in the seven portuguese main regions: Norte, Centro, Área Metropolitana de Lisboa, Alentejo, Algarve, Região Autónoma da Madeira e Região Autónoma dos Açores.


During the last seven months we:

  • Visited 79 nursing homes
  • Assessed the nutritional status of 1188 nursing homes’ residents
  • Conducted 1759 interviews


Once again we’d like to say thank you to all nursing homes and participants that made this project possible!


PEN-3S joined the EEA Grants Public Health Initiative’s Programme “Promotor’s Seminar” last April 20

During the afternoon, 9 projects financed by the EEAGrants that will have been concluded by April 30 presented their results to the Donor Countries of the Financial Mechanism of the European Area (Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland).

The event focused on promoting healthy behaviours and continued support to projects in priority areas such as mental health, nutrition, communicable diseases and health information systems.



PEN-3S in attendance at the XVIII Annual APNEP* Conference

The XVIII Annual APNEP Conference took place April 11 and 12 at NorteShopping in Oporto. This year’s theme was “Nutrition in Portugal – on the edge of a new era”. The event gathered more than 2300 attendants. In the first afternoon, the PEN-3S team joined a round table discussion focused on preliminary results of projects regarding elderly people nutritional status. Nutritionist and PEN-3S Project Coordinator Teresa Madeira spoke at the event highlighting some of the project’s preliminary results.



Healthy Lifestyle Festival took place on March 4th

The event dedicated to science, culinary arts and healthy lifestyles took place at University of Lisbon Faculty of Sciences and Mercado da Ribeira.
Nutricionist Teresa Madeira, the PEN-3S project coordinator was a member of the round table organized by University of Lisbon Food, Faming and Forestry School (F3 School) where themes such as food composition, elderly people nutrition and sustainable food consumption were debated.



Vitality and Ageing” masters course students and teachers visit Portugal

On March 9th the PEN-3S team was able to share their experience with “Vitality and Ageing” masters students from Leid University in Netherlands.



The PEN-3S project collects data regarding elderly people nutrition status nation-wide

There are currently seven interviewers working on the PEN-3S project. Every day computer-assisted face-to-face interviews with people over 65 are being conducted in nursing homes throughout Portugal in the North, Centre, Lisbon, Alentejo and Algarve regions as well as in the autonomous regions of Madeira and Azores.
All collaborators received specific training for this task and have been performing excellent work. The team has been incredibly welcomed by every institution. We would like to thank all nursing homes and all the participants who have turned this project into a reality.

PEN-3S_lares4 PEN-3S_lares



PEN-3S team hosted a World Café that aimed at developing a nutrition status surveillance system called SEVEN-I..

PEN-3S_world_cafe PEN-3S_world_cafe_2

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The PEN-3S project welcomes members of the Public Health Initiatives Programme Cooperation Committee

Last November 9th the PEN-3S project welcomed the Public Health Initiatives Programme Cooperation Committee in the Institute for Preventive Medicine and Public Health. Members of the Committee included representatives Central Administration of Health (the programme operator), the National Focal Point, the Embassy of Norway and the donor programme partner, which is the Norwegian Institute for Public Health.

PEN-3S_visitaFMO_4 PEN-3S_visitaFMO_2
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PEN-3S’ pilot study at Casa do Penedo nursing home.

From September 28th to October 2nd the PEN-3S team, as shown by the photos bellow, was warmly welcomed at Casa do Penedo in São Domingos de Rana to conduct a pilot study. This week was very productive and helped the team to improve competences and procedures in order to start the field work very soon. PEN-3S would like to thank Casa do Penedo’s staff for their interest and hospitality, as well as all the residents that accepted to enrol in this pilot study for their enthusiasm and time.

piloto1 piloto2 piloto3 piloto4



PEN-3S’ pilot study at Centro Social e Paroquial de Santo André de Sobrado.

Between September 24th and October 8th at “Centro Social e Paroquial de Santo André de Sobrado” PEN-3S completed a pilot study. This study was an excellent opportunity to train and improve our interview performance and test our methods. The PEN-3S team would like to thank very much to this institution, including staff and all the attendees, for your availability and collaboration.

foto piloto centro de dia


The public presentation of the National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey took place on September 18 in the Auditorium of University of Porto Public Health Institute.(


12039184_1665189777058071_7024554726270032329_n 12039454_1665189713724744_7375749509486848482_n



The PEN-3S team participated in the EEA and Norway Grants Information and Communication Workshop hosted by the Embassy of Norway in Lisbon and the National Focal Point.

This workshop, held in Lisbon, gathered many investigators involved in projects and programmes financed by the EEA Grants

12002044_930017263701826_8600078536115079350_n 12009817_930017257035160_4895322233573889933_n



IAN-AF/PEN-3S’s second pilot study took place between September 1st and 10th at USF da Ramada.

IAN-AF_PilotoRamada_10.09 IAN-AF_PilotoRamada2_10.09 IAN-AF_PilotoRamada3_04.09 IAN-AF_PilotoRamada2_11.09



Interviewer skills training sessions were held 7-9 September in the Preventive Medicine and Public Health Institute


CIMG8818 CIMG8820
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A meeting with two fellow investigators from a partner institution – Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences – was held on 25-26 August.

11918949_923232794380273_4106359524207925386_n 11987067_923232761046943_39776467717819689_n

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On July 26 the PEN-3S project consultant Agnete Yngve from Swedish University of Orebro met with our national research team. Her contributes concerning data collection in residential care homes were extremely valuable.

IAN-AF/PEN-3S’s first pilot study took place between July 13th and 17th at USF da Ramada. 

USFRamada_Piloto USFRamada_Piloto_14072015_1 USFRamada_Piloto_16072015_11



The Administração Central do Sistema de Saúde, I.P. (ACSS, I.P.) promoted a meeting with the Project Promoters financed by the EEA Grants: Public Health Initiatives Program (PT06) (PT06)






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The PEN-3S was present at the conference “Aging – Think the Future Today”

The PEN-3S project (Portuguese elderly nutritional status surveillance system) was presented in a communication, as part of the Longevity and Health session at the conference “Aging – Thinking the Future Today.”.

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The PEN-3S team participated in the National Food Survey and Physical Activity’s training session (PEN-3S associated project), on June 17th and 18th at Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto.










PEN-3S Public Presentation SessionIMG_2795

The PEN-3S project (Portuguese elderly nutritional status surveillance system) was kicked-off with its inaugural public presentation on the 16th of June 2015, at the Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa.

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PEN-3S project got financial support by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 within the European Economic Area Grants Public Health Iniciatives