If you have been invited to enroll in PEN-3S study we would like to thank you in advance.

Here you can find some explanations regarding your participation:


What is the aim of this study?

The aim of this study is to better understand what people eat and to better know how is their nutritional status.

Who is responsible for this study?

This study is being conducted by Lisbon Faculty of Medicine, in partnership with other Universities and Institutions.

How was I chosen to enroll in this study?

This study is taking place in several different primary healthcare units and nursing homes in Portugal (mainland and the islands). In each participating healthcare unit, registered individuals aged 65 and over were chosen by chance and invited to enroll. In each nursing home all residents that are capable to participate were invited to enroll in this study.

How can I contribute to this study?

You’re invited to one or two structured face-to-face interviews, 8 to 15 days apart. We ask you about food intake, physical activity and your health status in general. In the first interview we ask you to measure your height, weight, waist, hip, mid-arm and leg circumferences. The first interview will take about 90 minutes and the second interview about 45 minutes.

Are there any risks or costs if I enroll in this study?

The only cost will be your time to be personally at both interviews.

And benefits?

Neither, besides the fact that you’ll be significantly contributing to the knowledge about Portuguese elderly nutritional status.

What are my rigths?

Your participation is completely voluntary. All data that we collect about you is strictly confidential: it won’t be shared with anyone. Your name won’t be mentioned anywhere. You are free to refuse to enroll in this study or give up at any time you want. If you don’t want to enroll there will be no consequences or inconvenient for you.


Your contribution is very important. Thank you very much!