The PEN-3S project welcomes members of the Public Health Initiatives Programme Cooperation Committee

Last November 9th the PEN-3S project welcomed the Public Health Initiatives Programme Cooperation Committee in the Institute for Preventive Medicine and Public Health. Members of the Committee included representatives Central Administration of Health (the programme operator), the National Focal Point, the Embassy of Norway and the donor programme partner, which is the Norwegian Institute for Public Health.

The purpose of this visit included evaluating the programme’s execution on the ground as well as deciding upon the course of action to be adopted in the upcoming months.

From the 27 ongoing projects in areas such as nutrition, mental health, information systems and communicable diseases, the PEN-3S project was one of the selected hosts. This visit was integrated in the afternoon session. It began with a tour of the Institute of Preventive Medicine and Public Health where the project’s development was discussed and afterwards a visit to one of Lisbon’s nursing homes where data was being gathered.

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